Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dave Scheidt at C2E2 2017

Meandering through the artist area at C2E2 last year, I came across Dave Scheidt.  A self-proclaimed "radical dude" and "Writer. Pizza Lover. Sasquatch," Dave is a comic book writer from Chicago.  Professing his love for pizza immediately puts him up a few points in my book.
Dave is a talented guy, whose work has appeared on the Cartoon Network, the Huffington Post, Dark Horse Comics and many more cool places.  
He has a great story, too.  His first four page comic was drawn by Leslie Gauthier, who he randomly met at a comic con. He states that he started writing short comics, because he was unsure of himself and because it was easier to get someone to draw a short comic (as opposed to a lengthy one).  His website has other fun stories on the blog.  Although it hasn't been updated too recently, it still has some interesting stories and advice.  
You can go to and follow Dave Scheidt on twitter to keep up with this radical dude.  You can also check the Dave Scheidt author page on Amazon.
Dave Scheidt and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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