Saturday, March 10, 2018

James Eckhouse at REWind Con 2016

James Eckhouse of Beverly Hills 90210 is another example of an actor who appeared at REWind Con, who I have never seen appear at another such event.  While I celebrate meeting Eckhouse, I do mourn the apparent loss of REWind Con.
Eckhouse played Jim Walsh, father to Brendan and Brenda on the popular show from the 90's.  He was one of the few older folks to have a regular role, as the show focused on the teenagers and young adults.
Seeing him at REWind Con was interesting.  Of course, he was just one of them at the event.  Did I really expect him to play the fatherly role there, too?
Still, it was cool seeing him interact with former castmates like Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and others.  He seemed to be having a fun time with the 90210 gang, as well as fans.  The fans were excited to see him making this rare appearance.
REWind Con proved that actors like Eckhouse are in demand for these shows.  Bringing in mini-reunions or older tv shows can work.  The fan demand is there.  I think REWind Con will not be back, but that doesn't mean another similar con cannot do this concept.
I'm hoping for another con like REWind Con, but I'd also like to see actors like Eckhouse appear at other comic cons.  As these cons continue to grow, I'd like to see new (older) actors appearing and drawing interest.  I'm sure I am joined by the many fans who attended REWind Con.
James Eckhouse and me in Bloomingdale, ILNovember 2016.

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