Friday, March 23, 2018

Jordan Ladd at Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2015

I first saw Chery Ladd on an episode of Happy Days back in 1974.  It is possible that when that epidose aired, she was expecting a baby girl.  A few years later, I saw her young daughter on an episode of Charlie's Angels, when she played her mom's chjaracter as a youngster in flashbacks.  Forty years later, I met that second generation actress..
Jordan Ladd is just as beautiful as her mom.  I have never met Cheryl, but Jordan was as sweet as could be.  Despite having a lengthy line of fans waiting to talk to her, she made everyone feel special during their time together.
She has carved out a steady and successful career on television and the big screen.  Her most recent role was in Brentwood Strangler.
I talked to her a bit about growing up in the business.  Aside from her mother Cheryl, her father David and her grandfather Alan, were also actors and her grandmother Sue Carol was in the entertainment business.  Those connections surely helped her career, but they also add certain pressure.  Jordan handled it all well and seems to have avoided the potential pitfalls
I hope to see Jordan again in 2017.  I'll keep checking the convention schedule and I will follow Jordan Ladd on twitter.
Jordan Ladd and me in Indianapolis, IN-June 2015.

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