Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tatanka at Heroes and Legends of Pro Wrestling VI

Chris "Tatanka" Chavis has had an interesting career.  He started out as a body builder and powerlifter, but he was also a manager at Bally's Heatlth and Tennis Corporation.  During the 1987 NFL Players Association strike, he was offered a contract by the Miami Dolphins, but he turned it down.  In 1989, he left Bally's to pursue a career in accounting.  A chance encounter with Buddy Rogers led him to a wrestling career.
Tatanka wrestled in the WWE from 1989-1996.  In 2005, he retrurned to the WWE for what was supposed to be a one time appearance.  Instead, he stayed through 2007.  He returned again in 2010 and has made sporadic appearances since.
Along with his WWE spots, he has been occasionally active on the independent scene.  Somehow, I had never met him at any appearance though, until,   Jason and I met him at a Heroes and Legends of Wrestling event in Fort Wayne, IN.
Our buddy Jayson Maples does a great job running Heroes and Legends.  Every event features several big name wrestling legends and several more well-known independent wrestlers.  It's a day filled with wrestling nostalgia, friends and excellent matches to end the night.  Jayson is a good dude and I am happy to support his event, but I really do enjoy Heroes and Legends whenever I can make it.
The next Heroes and Legends event is scheduled for Saturday, April 21.  Head to to get all the info and updates on this great event.
Jason Fleigel, Tatanka and me in Fort Wayne, IN-March 2016.

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