Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The "Or Else" Podcast-Episode 8 WonderBoy w/Scott Steiner

The latest episode of The "Or Else" podcast features "The WonderBoy" Scotty Steiner.  The youngest member of the RPro regulars, Scotty gives his unique look into his experience with RPro.
I won't go into Scotty's history with RPro, because you can hear it on the latest episode.  You'll even learn the fascinating story of how he got "The WonderBoy" nickname coincidentally, it is slightly better than the origin of the "Johngy" nickname.)
Scotty came to RPro as a high schooler.  It had to be a bit overwhelming at that age to be plunged into the wild world of professional wrestling.  It was even a bit unnerving at my age.  To his credit, Scotty dove in and immersed himself in RPro.  He embraced everyone in RPro and they embraced him.
He worked as a member of the security crew and later became the Official TimeKeeper.  He even got his own RPro promo photo (and he tells that story in the episode).  He did anything needed and he did it all eagerly.  Aside from his "duties," he was just fun having around.  He took part in events outside of the actual wrestling events.  He even took the interview lead on some Johngy's Beat interviews with the RPro talent.
Over the six years of RPro, Scotty grew up more than anyone, but he always kept his sense of excitement at RPro.  You could always count on Scotty for some fun, even during his heavy vaping (especially of the overly sugary flavors) period.
Despite him calling me "Papa Johngy" (or worse, Grandpa Johngy), I always felt a special kinship with Scotty.  We were both non-wrestlers earning our way into a wrestling company.
Scotty relives his entry into RPro, his favorite moments, his overall thoughts and his outlook on the future of The Resistance.  He also gives his version of the Mount Rushmore of RPro.
You can listen to this episode at Episode 8 WonderBoy w/Scotty Steiner.  You can also find all of the episodes at The "Or Else" podcast on Soundcloud.  
Scott Steiner and me in Summit, IL-February 2018.

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