Friday, April 6, 2018

Back With Jenny McCarthy and Blondies By Jenny

Several months ago, Jenny McCarthy was high on my list of people I wanted to meet.  Within the last 4 months, I have had the pleasure of meeting her four times while she promotes her Blondies By Jenny beverages.
Thanks to the fine folks at Blondies, Binny's Beverage Depot and Jewel-Osco, I have gotten to talk to Jenny about Blondies.  The line started with regular lemonade flavored vodka and strawberry lemonade flavored vodka.
Blondies has no artificial flavors, dyes or added sugar and are gluten free. They are made with real fruit juice and a heavy dose of ultra-premium gold medal winning vodka.  Blondies is light and flavorful.
My suggestion to Jenny was to combine the strawberry lemonade with real strawberries and ice to make a frozen treat.  I'm always up for a frozen alcohol beverage.
At the most recent tasting, they unveiled a blueberry flavor.  Actually, there were two blueberry choices.  Both were very good, but one did get a pretty big majority of the votes.  The blueberry Blondies should be coming out soon.
In talking to Jenny, she also gave me a scoop.  They are working on a grapefruit flavor.  While I am not a fan of grapefruit by itself, I really like the taste when combined with other flavors.  I am looking forward to what Blondies produces.  Based on their current line, I am betting it will be a winner.
As for Jenny, she is a pure delight at these taste-testings.  She is so sweet and fun.  No matter how long the line is, everyone leaves happy and usually with several bottles of Blondies in hand.
Check and the Blondies By Jenny Facebook page for updates and all of the news about this tasty beverage.  Of course, I will also have recurring coverage of Jenny and her beverage line.
Jenny McCarthy and me in Naperville, IL-March 2018.

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