Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Darwin Finch and The Resistance

When Jacques and Gabe Baron announced the debut of The Resistance, one of their stated goals was to bring in new talent from all over. One of those new wrestlers was Darwin Finch.
I was "On the Beat" and getting interviews at The Resistance's debut Chapter One: Creation. Finch was one of my first and that can be found at On the Beat With Darwin Finch.
Finch's gimmick of a science guy was interesting. Although not necessarily unique, Finch somehow made it feel fresh. In all honesty, that's all you can really want from a wrestler. Pretty much every gimmick has been done, but the key is to make it your own and somehow breathe life into it. Finch accomplished all of that.
Finch doesn't look all that imposing, although he is in good shape. His scheduled opponent was Barrington Hughes, a huge man who had to outweigh Finch by at least 200 pounds. The challenge in that match is to make it look believable and competitive.
I was very impressed with Finch's work. Of course, there were some predictable moments of the little man trying to match strength with the big man. That's a classic, but Finch added a few twists. He also included a few excellent athletic moves on offense. Finch had the fans believing he could win.
In the end, Hughes beat Finch, but both men deserve praise for putting on a great match. The Baron brothers deserve praise for bringing in both men and setting up this match.
Good things are happening at The Resistance. The next show is Friday, May 4. Chapter Two: Revelations is a "Star Wars" theme night. Several new names have been announced and more will be coming. Check The Resistance Facebook page for all of the info and check here for recurring coverage.
Darwin Finch and me in Summit, IL-February 2018.

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