Sunday, May 20, 2018

Nen at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Nen Chang is a concept artist and an illustrator, who admits to "occasionally dabbling in comics."  She has worked as a costume designer and cover artist.  Her clients include DC, Marvel and many others.
Nen is an interesting person.  She is deep and thoughtful, but whimsical, too.  You can get a slice of that in her bio on her site (  This dual nature is evident in her creations.  
One of my favorite pieces of hers is For The Night Is Dark.  It's simply mesmerizing to me.  What exactly is she saying with this piece?  Sometimes, I don't actually want to know.  Sometimes the reality is too confining.  I like looking at it and wondering or coming up with new thoughts.
Is this woman happy, sad or somewhere in between?  Is she struggling or at peace?  I can get lost in this picture.
Of course, Nen has lots of other great work, too.  You can check out her gallery and learn all about her at  She is also active on the comic con circuit.
Nen and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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