Thursday, May 10, 2018

On the Beat at The Resistance "Revelations"

The Resistance held Revelations last Friday night. Naturally on May 4, there was a Star Wars theme to the evening. Sticking with that theme, I'd have to say the night of action was out of this world!
Before the show even started, Frankie the Clown entered the ring and announced he was now in charge and the fun was just beginning. In our interview with him, he went into a little more detail, but he also left us wondering about the possibilities.
The night started with newcomers Excalibur and Chainsaw facing off. Chainsaw, with his partial face paint and interesting hair, took the victory. I was impressed with both men, though.
Shane Mercer and Hy Zaya defended their tag team championships of the Resistance against newcomers History in the Making, the team of Brian Douglass and Sless Taylor. HITM dove onto the tag champs before the bell was run. Mercer took the brunt and was out of the ring for a long time. Hy Zaya absorbed a two-on-one beating for the entire time, until Mercer was able to recover enough. It went back and forth a bit at that point, but the tag champs showed why they are champs in eventually securing the win to retain their titles.
In a #1 Contender match, the Minnesota Man Muffin Cody Reis upset Cobra, who was missing his usual manager Justin King. Cobra and Rob Fury, who was here with the Age of the Geeks cosplay group, argued during the match and fought after the match.
There was even action during the intermission when the Death Nut Challenge was held. My broadcast partner Tommy Else faced off against Scotty "Wonderboy" Steiner, who lent his talents to the deejay spot all night. Scotty gave a valiant effort, but tapped out after one hot peanut. Ever the ultimate company man, Tommy ate the next three successively hotter peanuts, defeating Scotty and conquering the Death Nut Challenge. I do have to wonder if Tommy will defend that title on future shows.
In a battle of two powerhouses, Daniel Eades beat Brady Pierce. Pretty evenly matched in size and strength, these two really took it to each other.
Newcomers Sugar Dunkerton and Chip Day had an entertaining match, which saw Suge use his sometimes unorthodox moveset mixed with solid techinical wrestling to defeat Day, who gave Suge an excellent challenge.
In a rematch for the Women's championship, challenger Roni Nicole defeated champ Holidead in a match that went all over the building and even outside. The new champ is deserving, but Holidead should be proud, as well. Congrats to both women on two great matches.
Before the evening ended, it was announced that the next show will be Saturday, June 30, as The Resistance presents Chapter III: Death Becomes Her. Eight women will battle in a Queen of the Death Match Tournament. Once again, the folks at The Resistance have created a unique event, which will surely keep their buzz growing. This is going to be epic!
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