Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On the Beat With Chalk Girl at Motor City Comic Con 2018

Today we feature the last of our interviews from Motor City Comic Con 2018. We have enjoyed talking to all of these talented folks and we hope you have enjoyed our coverage.
While scanning the artists who would be appearing at MCCC 2018, the Chalk Girl caught my interest. The name alone suggests Superhero status. I was picturing a cape-clad artist with a big C on her chest (printed in chalk, of course. As fun as that might be, the reality of Chalk Girl was much more entertaining.
She was easy to spot at MCCC. While many artists create art on the spot, I have never seen one work on such a large piece. Chalk Girl did this all weekend. Being on her feet the whole time had to be tiring, yet seeing the art come to life really created a buzz in the crowd and wearing a shirt with all of her social media outlets on the back was a smart move.
The Chalk Girl is actually Beth Tobias. She has been drawing since her childhood and had a job drawing at Six Flags for several years. She made her convention debut in 2016, in a move she describes as "on a whim." That certainly worked out well.
Obviously, the Chalk Girl creates beauty with chalk, although she will use other things depending on the project. Small sized commissions might require something more precise than chalk to get the definition and other necessary effects.
As we approached Chalk Girl, I was mesmerized. Artists working their craft always amaze me, but seeing her work on something so large, while standing and using chalk just really blew me away. I could have watched her all day.
Hesitant to bother her, I approached her about an interview, stating that I just had to include this in my coverage of MCCC. Despite being in mid-creation, she gave us a few minutes of her time and I am grateful.
I included a bit of footage of her working in the video interview. I thought it was important to show her in action.
I really enjoyed seeing her work, meeting her and talking to her for the interview. She is a talented, fun person. I always hope to expose artists like Chalk Girl to some new eyes and to illustrate the kind of unique stuff you will find at MCCC.
Thanks to Beth for her time and consideration. Check out AdventuresOfChalkGirl.com, follow Chalk Girl on twitter and like Chalk Girl on Facebook to keep up with all of her news.
As always, thank you to the fine folks at Motor City Comic Con for always putting on a great event. Check out MotorCityComicCon.com for all of the info and to be among the first to ghear about MCCC 2019!

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