Wednesday, May 23, 2018

On the Beat With Larry B. Scott at Motor City Comic Con 2018

We are back from being "On the Beat" at the Motor City Comic Con 2018 and we continue our interviews. Today, we feature Larry B. Scott.
I had a lot of fun meeting Larry and doing this interview. I immediately felt like a longtime friend of his, even though he might have asked us to leave. Seriously, he actually did the opposite, by inviting us to his booth and eagerly agreeing to do the interview.
I start off by complimenting his booth layout. He had many pictures from various projects he has done. This is not only cool for the fans, it is smart business. Fans lie choices and also, fans might buy multiples.
For instance, he has appeared in Seinfeld and Revenge of the Nerds. Each has their own fanbase and there is some crossover. Larry had pictures from those roles and several others. Between those choices and his winning personality, everyone walked away happy! As for us, we walked away and then returned with our MCCC Press Liaison Stephanie to get the interview.
Larry talked about still being recognized for certain roles, enjoying seeing old castmates, new projects (including Black Jesus) and much more. He even spoke a bit about his musician son.
It was a real pleasure and just another example of the fun to be had at the Motor City Comic Con. It's stuff like this that keeps me coming back every year!
Thank you to Larry for his time and humor. You can follow Larry on twitter at @Lbeezee17. He's relatively new there and asked that we all be gentle. We love Larry and of course, he's kidding.
Also, be sure to check for updates and news. I am already looking forward to next year!

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