Monday, June 25, 2018

Friendly Encounters: Keith Hac and Tommy Else

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

Today I am featuring the face of Resistance Pro and the face of the Chicago Bliss. This picture represents a great time as the worlds of RPro and the Chicago Bliss collided and the result was a lot of fun.
RPro was on the rise and the Bliss were coming off their 2013 LFL championship and headed towards their 2014 LFL championship. I thought their fanbases were similar and that there would be a great synergy with some cross promotion.
The lovely and tough athletes of the Bliss came to an RPro event and were a hit. RPro returned the favor by appearing at the 2014 Bliss season kickoff party at Gnarly J's.
Wrestler Tommy Else and Coach Keith Hac are two of the most dedicated people I know. Tommy did so many things behind the scenes at RPro. Tommy never seeks praise for his efforts and usually downplays his work.
Coach Hac also does a ton for the Bliss besides coaching the team. The Bliss aren't a huge organization with a big staff. Coach Hac and his small coaching staff do far more than just thei usual coaching duties.
They are both great guys and have been part of some wonderful times and memories. Unfortunately, RPro ended and I am no longer covering the Bliss on a regular basis. On teh positive side, The Resistance rose from the ashes of RPro. Also, while I am not on the Bliss Beat, I still follow and support the team.
The Resistance is still young, but their shows keep getting better and drawing more support. The Bliss are 2-0 and heading for another undefeated season. Bright things are ahead for both companies and I look forward to a lot more fun with Tommy, Coach Hac and all others involved.
The Resistance is back on Saturday, June 30 with "Death Becomes Her," an 8 women death match tournament. Go to for more info on this event and lots of other fun stuff.
The Bliss are back in action on Saturday, July 12 in Atlanta against the Steam. Go to for all of the info on the Bliss and the LFL.
Tommy Else and Keith Hac in Woodridge, IL-Spring 2014.

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