Saturday, June 23, 2018

Lance Storm Is Serious

Canadian-born Lance Evers great to fame in the wrestling ring as Lance Storm. While never winning the Heavyweight belt in a major federation, Storm won many other titles in the WWE, WCW and smaller feds. He is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers.
Several years ago, Storm was a special guest at Resistance Pro. He did not wrestle, but he was a guest referee. He also had conducted a clinic, where he answered questions, taught technique and generally helped out attendees, one of whom was my friend Tommy Else.
Tommy had nothing but praise for his experience with Storm. His only regret was that he was a bit too green at the time to fully benefit from Storm's knowledge. Still, it was a tremendous opportunity and I am sure it helped Tommy in ways he didn't even realize at the time.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Storm at RPro and that can be found at On the Beat With Lance Storm. He put over the RPro talent and he mentioned one of his favorite wrestling moments.
Meeting quality wrestling stars like Storm was just another example of the cool things I got from my RPro experience. While lot of people have met Storm, few have spent several hours watching and listening as he lent insight to eager wrestlers. I am grateful to Storm for his time and to RPro for making that moment and so many others happen.
RPro is no more, but The Resistance is going strong. Check out for more info.
Lance Storm and me in Willowbrook, IL-April 2013.

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