Friday, June 15, 2018

Marla McKenna at Days of the Dead Chicago 2017

Days of the Dead Indianapolis starts Friday, June 20 and runs through Sunday, June 22. With that in mind, I am featuring some of my many great memories from past DotD events.
Last year at DotD Chicago, I ran into new friend Marla McKenna. I had only recently met Marla, when I interviewed her in Milwaukee, which can be found at On the Beat With Marla McKenna.
Marla is the author of Mom’s Big Catch, Sadie’s Big Steal and I’m a Secret Superhero and I know she has other books coming. Her books are cute and funny, but also contain life lessons woven into the stories. Soft and not preachy, the books deliver important messages for the youth. Her daughters Julia and Ashley, as well as dog Sadie, make appearances in the books, too.
Entertaining and educational, her books also do good work, as partial proceeds from Mom’s Big Catch and Sadie’s Big Steal go to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation. It must also be noted that music legend Rick Springfield and his family match all of Marla's donations.
This is a total feelgood story and Marla is truly a special person. It is always delightful seeing her anywhere, even at a horror con. That's another part of the uniqueness of Days of the Dead. Where else can you see a children's book author and a horror queen (and all around acting great) share a table and it somehow made perfect sense? The secret really is that both women care about the world and are trying to make it a better place, while entertaining us.
Go to to get all of the info on Marla and her books and projects. Also, follow Mom's Big Catch on Facebook to get timely updates. I know Marla has a lot of exciting things happening and I will get an update interview from her!
Also, check for the info and schedules for all of the DotD events. Then, come out to a DotD, because you never know what and who you might see!
Marla McKenna and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2017.

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