Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Catching Up With the Chicago Bliss

The Chicago Bliss have clinched a playoff spot by way of their 49-34 victory over the Atlanta Steam last Saturday. The Bliss are 3-0 with one game remaining in the regular season.
I have been in and out with the Bliss, but I always support the team. I'd like to do more coverage, but the poers that be in the LFL don't seem to want my contributions. Still, I keep up with the team and I wish them well.
As I have written many times, the women of the Bliss (and all of the LFL) are passionate, hard-working, excellent athletes. The league gets a bad rap sometimes for the uniforms (and it is their own fault, but their own decision, too), but do not underestimate the level of play. This is real football. These women play just as hard as anyone I have ever seen.
It's no surprise that the Bliss are 3-0 this season. The coaching staff, led by Keith Hac, is the best prepared and knowledgeable staff in the l:FL. I have been around the team for many years at games, in practices and even in lockerrooms and I see how the coaches handle every part of the game from the first tryout to the final buzzer of the championship game.
The Bliss have one more game. On Saturday, August 11, the Bliss will host the Omaha Heart at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates. A win by the Bliss will put them at 4-0 in a tie with the Nashville Knights, who they will face in the Eastern Conference Championship game on Saturday, August 25 at Toyota Park in Bridgeview.
Check out LFLUS.com for more info and updates on the Bliss and the LFL. The Eastern and Western Conference Championship games will be played on the same day and tickets are on sale now. You get both games for one low price. That's a lot of great football action for a great price. You might even see me there.
Dave Mills, Ryan Andrews, Chris Van Stone and me in Northbrook, IL-December 2017.

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