Saturday, August 4, 2018

Buzz Lightyear at Motor City Comic Con 2017

It's no secret I have an odd fascination with mascots. I find them amusing conceptually and in reality. I guess today's feature is more of a cosplayer than a mascot, but I'm still fascinated by it.
Could Buzz Lightyear be a mascot for Toy Story? How is it decided if it is a mascot or a cosplay? Why do I care?
At Motor City Comic Con 2016, I saw this Buzz Lightyear, which brings up even more questions. Is a good cosplayer one who makes an elaborate costume or can it be a full-body store bought ensemble? Would climbing into such a costume be considered any less of a cosplay than spending hours making a costume or applying makeup and fixing hair?
I don't know the rules or etiquette of cosplay. I think I need to talk to cosplayer extraordinaire Rob Fury of the Age of the Geeks.
Maybe I shouldn't think so much. Maybe I should just go back to being fascinated by any such costumed person, whether it is a mascot or a cosplayer, whether it is a self-made effort or a fully-assembled costume.
In any case, I liked the Buzz I saw at MCCC. In a room full of The Joker and other current trendy characters, it was cool to see something a little older. Now if I could only see more Aquamen!
Buzz Lightyear and me in Novi, MI-May 2017.

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