Sunday, August 12, 2018

On the Beat With the Chicago Bandits (Interviews Part 7)

We were back "On the Beat" with the Chicago Bandits for the final homestand of the season. This time, we interviewed infielder Courtney Gano, pitcher Paige Lowary and infielder Natalie Hernandez.
Every set of interviews brings something new. This time, we had Paige and Courtney sitting in on each other's interview. That was a first and it certainly added to the fun. Natalie's was special, too, because she is the last remaining Bandit from my first year with the team (2014).
These ladies, like all of the Bandits, are just so much fun. They have the youthful exuberance you'd expect, but they also have a real maturity level. Their passion and deciation is clearly evident. It's all about getting better, growing the game and playing for the fans. It's not just cliches. These elite athletes live it and show it daily.
I want to thank Director of Media Relations Jason Lowenthal for facilitating these interviews. Thanks to the Bandits organization for their hospitality. Thanks to Mark Pandocchi for his video work and Kenzie Parker for her questions. Thanks to Bandit Nation for the continued support. Finally, of course, thanks to Paige, Courtney and Natalie for their time and consideration. 

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