Tuesday, August 21, 2018

On the Beat With Emily Allard of Be The Momentum

Sunday, I had the pleasure of catching up with Emily Allard of Be The Momentum. Emily is a former softball player for the Northwestern Wildcats and the National Pro Fastpitch Chicago Bandits, where I first met her in 2014.
Emily had a stellar career at Northwestern and started off great with the Bandits. Unfortunately, a concussion in 2016 derailed her pro career, but not her passion.
In 2014, Emily and Kristin Scharkey, her former teammate with the Wildcats, founded Be The Momentum, with a stated purpose of "empowering Slappers to be catalysts for game-changing moments." Through clinics, boot camps, instructional sessions, videos and more, BTM is teaching the fine art of slapping (moving through the box while hitting). I wrote more in depth on Patch.com at Emily Allard and Be The Momentum.
Right from the start, Emily was one of my favorites. Her dedication and love of the game and the future of the game impressed me and is partly why I fell in love with the game, too. Emily was one o the first Bandits I ever heard speaking of growing the game and passing it on. It's almost as if Emily and her teammates were more concerned with tomorrow's players than themselves and never doubt that they gave their all each time they stepped on the field.
I love how emotional Emily gets when I mention a young fan wearing her jersey at a recent game. (yes, I got emotional, too). That is passion, dedication and love.
Emily is a great young lady and a great role model. I can't praise her enough for all she does, but I can help spread the word on what she is doing.
Watch the video below and then check out BeTheMomentumSoftball.com to learn more about Emily and softball. I will continue to follow Emily and her endeavors and I will continue sharing all right here.
Thank you to Emily for her time, consideration and friendship. Thanks especially for always thinking of the youngsters.

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