Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Four Star Heroes at Wizard World 2013

I first encountered Chris Castro and Matt Knicks at Resistance Pro Wrestling. They performed as The 2 Star Heroes, who were on the lower end of the wrestling card, often in dark matches (matches held before the official card starts).
Chris and Matt were nice guys and talented performers. Chris was a big man, with somewhat surprising athletic skills. Matt was smaller, but a skilled wrestler. They worked well together in the ring and had a lot of personality.
They worked hard at their craft and eventually moved up the card. They became fan favorites at RPro. They never captured the tag titles, but they remained popular throughout their run. Eventually, the pair was split (a bad move in my opinion).
The pair left RPro, but resurfaced as the 4 Star Heroes in the newly created Freelance Wrestling. They were a huge part of Freelance Wrestling, which became the hot new organization in the area. Freelance has been going strong from the debut.
The world of wrestling is funny. Castro and Knicks eventually made a return to RPro after Freelance ran a joint show with RPro. It was great to see these guys again.
I always liked Knicks and Castro. They worked hard to improve and earned everything they got. They could have easily been lost in the RPro shuffle, but their skills and effort wouldn't allow that.
I applaud these guys fro all that they have done. Freelance Wrestling has proven to be a success and they also wrestle in other organizations. They have done well in the business and I am very happy for them.
You can check out Freelance Wrestling at FreelanceWrestling.com. You can also follow Freelance Wrestling on Facebook.
Chris Castro, Matt Knicks and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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