Thursday, October 18, 2018

Gritz and Project '62

A funny thing happened to me at a Chicago Bandits game last season. As I was meandering around the concourse, someone approached me, saying he finally got to meet me. I had no idea who he was on sight, but when he introduced himself I immediately knew him.
Gritz is the creative force behind Project '62. Ironically, he started Project '62 a couple weeks after I started Johngy's Beat. His first post featured Former Chicago Cubs Ron Santo and Jim Brewer.
He stated his goal as simply to chronicle his attempt to put together the 1962 set. He was self-effacing in stating that he figured nobody would be reading the blog. He was funny, but wrong about that. I always read Project '62, as did many others.
For me, the 1962 set was before my birth. I have seen many of the cards over the years, but it was interesting to see the cards posted, along with his insight. While his focus was the 1962 set, he did stray to other interesting topics.
All good things come to an end though. Gritz stopped updating Project '62 in 2016. Despite the lack of new content, there is still plenty of good reading material. He had a great 8 year run. He is still active and can be followed at @_Gritz_ on twitter.
Gritz and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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