Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Heroes and Legends Wrestling Fanfest and Jayson Maples

A couple years ago, I attended the Heroes and Legends Wrestling Fanfest in Fort Wayne. I totally had a great time, but scheduling conflicts prevented me from returning to another one. I have plans to change that with the next Heroes and Legends Wrestling Fanfest on Saturday, October 27.
Jayson is a really good guy. I do see him regularly at Days of the Dead when he brings in various wrestlers at his booth. At the DotD event in Indy earlier this year, he brought in WWE Hall of Famer Madusa. Having been a fan of hers from her time in the AWA back in the 1980's, I had wanted to meet her for the longest time. Jayson delivered and Madusa was fantastic.
The Heroes and Legends Wrestling Fanfest features many wrestlers as celebrity guests, along with an excellent night of wrestling matches. As of this writing, those matches include my bud Sugar Dunkerton versus the Ultimo Dragon with Sonny Onoo. That alone would sell tickets.
The star-studded wrestler celebrity guest lineup includes Kevin Nash, Terry Taylor, Demolition, Sgt. Slaughter, Swoggle and Brian Pillman Jr. Vendor guests include Mark Henry, Jeff Jarrett, Teddy Long, Jim Cornette, Doink, the Rock 'N' Roll Express, Francine, Justin Credible, Madison Rayne and Virgil.
Wow! That is a lot of wrestling talent past and present. That's a lot of talent in and out of the ring. Just meeting them all will take some logistic planning, but it'll all be part of the fun. It's one month away and I can't wait.
Check for more info on this fun event. Hopefully, I'll see many of you there.
Jayson Maples and me in Indianapolis, IN-June 2018.

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