Friday, November 16, 2018

Kristi Ray at Days of the Dead 2015

I first met actress Kristi Ray at Days of the Dead, when she was promoting Pieces of Talent. I see a lot of people promoting projects at these events, but Kristi's passion and the trailer for Pieces of Talent really drew my interest.
Released in 2014, Pieces of Talent is a horror drama, but it is an engrossing psychological thriller. It lived up to the hype from the trailer and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristi at On the Beat With Kristi Ray.
I have seen Kristi a few times and she is simply adorable. She is very passionate about her work and she is very mature. As a young actress, she was front and center at the booth and she was happy to discuss all parts of the movie.
She even gave us a little scoop that there was a sequel in the works. Since it has been a few years, I really hope that project is still planned. I want tosee what happens to these characters. That is another sign of a great movie. I got invested in the characters (good and bad) and I really want to know what happens next.
Kristi has remained busy since I met her. I haven't seen her in a few years, but I keep hoping to see her at Days of the Dead again. The fans (especially me) want to see Kristi again!
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Kristi Ray and me in Indianapolis, IN-June 2015.

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