Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Rob Fury at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2017

I first really met Rob Fury at Resistance Pro Wrestling. I wrote "really," because I had actually seen him many times before without knowing him.
In addition to being a talented wrestler, Rob is a fantastic cosplayer. With the Age of the Geeks, Rob has appeared at many comic cons and other events. I have seen Rob in some elaborate costumes over the years, without knowing him. It was cool that we finally connected at RPro.
Unfortunately for Rob, he suffered a severe shoulder injury at RPro and has been sidelined from in ring action for a couple years. His injury hasn't slowed down his cosplay though! He is busier and better than ever.
At the Chicago Pop Culture Convention last year, I could barely get a picture with Rob. He was racing everywhere to panels, picture opportunities with kids and other stuff. Rob is a good guy and in demand at these events.
I love Rob's costumes, but I would love to see him as Aquaman (you know, I would love to see anyone as Aquaman). I have even "suggested" t to Rob, but somehow I don't think he will comply. Still, whatever costume he chooses, you know it will be awesome.
I'll be seeing Rob again at the Chicago Pop Culture Con in November in St. Charles, IL. I can't wait to see Rob's costume, as well as the rest of the Age of the Geeks.
I will also be seeing Rob finally back in the wrestling ring at The Resistance's "Silent Night, Deadly Night" on Saturday, December 1. After sustaining a bad shoulder injury about two years ago, Ron is healed and eager to get back in the action. Go to for more info on that night.
You can follow The Age of the Geeks on Facebook to get info and updates on Rob and the cosplay group. You can also go to for info on this great event.
Rob Fury and me in St. Charles, IL-November 2017.

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