Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On the Beat With John Borowski at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2018

I met filmmaker John Borowski several years ago at a convention in Chicago. I found his focus fascinating and figured it would make for an interesting interview. That interview led to several more, while I followed his projects and formed a friendship with him.
John is an independent filmmaker, producer, author, historian and more. He has made films about HH Holmes, Albert Fish, Carl Panzram, Vincent Castiglia and more. He is also the creative force behind Serial Killer Culture TV, an episodic show featuring interviews with people involved in the serial killer culture community.
At first glance, this might seem macabre or even sensationalistic, but I always stress the point that John's work, while entertaining, is about history and education. John's approach is to learn and share that knowledge. I might belabor this point, but I think it is a major point that needs to be made.
I get asked about John and I am sure he gets some of the same questions, but all you have to do is see his work or talk to him and you will see how informative his productions are. In no way does he glorify his subject matter. He digs in deep and personal and unearths information crucial to the cases, as well as helpful in future situations. John is brave enough to tackle and present this subject matter and I will always support him.
Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia is one of his most recent projects. Castiglia paints in human blood, stirring emotions and thoughts rrom the viewer. What is behind Castiglia's art? What path did Castiglia take to get to this point? Why use human blood? These questions and so many more are answered in John's documentary. It's beautiful, sad, emotional and a roller coaster ride of other emotions. John's presentation is amazing.
I am proud to be a friend and supporter of John. I continue to look forward to more fantastic work from John, as well as years of friendship.
Go to JohnBorowski.com for more info and news on John and his projects. You can also follow John Boroski on Facebook.
Thank you to John for his time and consideration, but especially for lots of entertainment and his friendship. Thanks, too, to Tim Zurko of Zurko Promotions for the hospitality at Chicago Pop Culture Con and for facilitating this and the other interviews there.

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