Friday, January 11, 2019

Deena Fagiano of the Chicago Bliss

A few months ago, the Chicago Bliss won another Legends Football League championship. I applaud the coaches and the players on establishing themselves as a dynasty.
Absent from the 2018 Bliss was Deena Fagiano, one of the stars from 2013, when I first started covering the team, and one of my favorites over the years. Deena was always good for an interesting interview, fun promo, bicep pose and more. On a team of characters, Deena stood out and without really trying.
She played offensive line and tight end, neither of which is a glamour position, but her value to the team was never in question. The coaches, players and fans all loved #5.
I haven't seen "The Italian Stallion" in a couple years. Since leaving the Bliss amicably, she has not been around.
I have always said the LFL needs to have a convention featuring stars of the past and present. By playing only 2 home games every season, fans don't get to see enough of the players up close.
I thank Deena for her kindness and humor over the years. She was one of a kind and I totally appreciated her then and miss her now.
You can check out all of the lady athletes of the LFL at Their 2019 season starts in April. Maybe Deena will make it back for a game!
Deena Fagiano and me in Milwaukee, WI-July 2014.

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