Sunday, January 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Scott!

Today, my brother-in-law Scott's birthday. I am sure he is celebrating somewhere warmer, but I send my birthday wishes from icy Chicago.
I remember the first time I saw Scott. It's hard to believe that was over 35 years ago (we were both just infants).
Over the years, Scott has been a friend, mentor, betting-nemesis and a brother. He invited me on his Canada fishing trip in 1995, when I was at a low point and the time up there really cleared my head. It was just one of many times Scott has helped me in one way or another. He even organized my move a couple years ago, easing my stress level immensely.
Of course, one of our favorite stories is when he tricked the usher (and Jimmy Wynn) into thinking Jimmy had agreed to meet us after his tv work at Minute Maid Park. That was inspired genius.
I haven't even mentioned his killer turkey burgers and frozen drinks. I have had far too many (but never enough) of those treats courtesy of Scott.
Happy birthday, Pork. I hope it's a great one!
Scott and Jean Parker and me in Las Vegas, NV-May 2017.

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Jean Parker said...

Nice .... Happy Birthday Scott!!