Monday, March 18, 2019

Friend Encounters: Melanie Cruise and Chazz Moretti at C2E2 2016

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities. With C2E2 coming March 22-24, I present a special C2E2 Friend Encounter.
Melanie Cruise and Chazz Moretti are two staples on the midwest wrestling scene. Melanie is a highly decorated wrestler, who has won titles and kicked butt all over the place. Chazz is the "agent to the stars," who has represented champions in many federations. They have shared the ring on many occasions.
Melanie was at C2E2 2016 on behalf of Comic Books Against Cancer, an organization raising awareness and funds for research programs through comic books. Chazz was at C2E2 as a comic book fan. I was fortunate enough to be there when the two were together at the event.
While C2E2 is full of celebrities, creators, artists, writers and more, there are also various causes, like Comic Books Against Cancer, that have booths to promote their efforts. There's so much at C2E2 words do not do it justice. You really need to be there. You might even run into Chazz, Melanie or other stars.
Check out Melanie Cruise on Facebook for all of her news and updates. You can follow Chazz Moretti on Facebook to get his schedule updates. Go to for all of the info on this year's event, including a guest list.
Melanie Cruise and Chazz Moretti in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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