Friday, March 29, 2019

Goodbye, Good Luck and Thank You to Megan Blank

Like yesterday's featured player Lacey Waldrop, Megan Blank, another longtime favorite Chicago Bandit has retired. It ws a tough week for Bandit Nation.
Megan was a star at the University of Iowa, before being drafted by the Bandits in 2015. Again like Lacey, Megan was a key part of two NPF championships.
Megan was a versatile and dependable player. She was solid at 3rd or 1st base. She was a team leader through actions. She didn't rab many headlines, but she was always one of thebest on and off the field. On my road trip to Akron a few years ago, she was one of my "picks to click" and she came through with a big game.
Her parents (Jim and Marcia) were frequently at the games. A special thanks to them to a very awesome gesture. After watching one of my interviews with Megan, where I expressed my search for a Megan Iowa bobblehead, Jim sent me a message offering one. It proudly sits on my bookshelf among my other NPF memorabilia. That was a very nice gift and I greatly appreciated it.
I also appreciated the friendship on the Blank family including Megan. They were always friendly and up for a little softball talk.
I think Megan will end up coaching somewhere. Currently, she does instruction and clinics. I hope our paths cross again and I will be following her career wherever it takes her. I wish her great luck and happiness and I thank her for her time and consideration while here.
You can check out my first interview with Megan at On the Beat With Megan Blank. My other interviews with Megan are there, too, as well as all my interviews with the Bandits over the years. Also, check out for more info on the 2019 team!
Megan Blank and me in Rosemont, IL-June 2018.

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