Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Mascot Hall of Fame

I first heard about the Mascot Hall of Fame several months ago. I looked forward to the opening ever since. That grand opening took place last weekend.
Technically, the Mascot Hall of Fame opened last last year, but last weekend was the official Grand Opening celebration. It was quite the celebration, too!
Whiting Mayor Joseph Stahura greeted attendees. Mayor Stahura was joined by Reggy, the HOF's official mascot (cool, the Mascot HOF has a mascot!), and many other mascots, including mascot representatives from the Chicago Blackhawks, Kansas City Chiefs, the University of Nebraska, Penn State University and several others.
The Mascot Hall of Fame is really aimed at youngsters. It is an interactive museum, with plenty of fun features for kids. As a mascot aficionado, I also enjoyed the HOF and all of the hoopla. I am sure other adults will find entertainment while there with kids. 
Mayor Stahura announced there will be several more exciting events this summer. You can go to for more info or check back here for updates. My report for Global Traveler can be found at The Mascot Hall of Fame.
Mayor Joe Stahura and me in Whiting, IN-April 2019.

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