Friday, April 26, 2019

Trish Stratus at Motor City Comic Con 2018

The Motor City Comic Con returns to Novi, MI May 17-19. While I look forward to lots of fun this year, I look back on some of the great times I have had covering the MCCC over the years.
Trish Stratus rose to fame in the WWE. During her time in the WWE, she won the WWE Women's championship 7 times. One of the most successful and most popular wrestlers, Trish has been semi-retired since 2006. She still does occasionally make appearances.
Only recently, Trish started making convention appearances and fans are ecstatic. Her line at MCCC was easily one of the longest I have seen anywhere. People want to get a little "Stratusfaction" and I was happy to wait for my chance.
The constraints of any convention limit the interaction with the celebrities, but Trish did her best to make everyone's meeting special.
I caught a little break when her handler was dealing with some other situation, leaving Trish free time. Of course, I took advantage of those extra few minutes. I talked to her about her Toronto Maples Leafs, her infant children, her "Team Bestie" tour with former WWE diva Amy "Lita" Dumas.
Trish was polite and outgoing. I must add that pictures do not do her justice. Trish is absolutely beautiful in person.
Honestly though, I am happy to report that she was just a real sweetheart all weekend. I ran into her later (not by her booth) and she remembered me and thanked me for stopping by. It's just those little things which make the encounter special.
I am sure this year, the MCCC will once again have some wrestlers appearing. Over the years, they have gotten many of the all-time greats and some of my favorites. Trish would fit into both of those categories.
Check for all of the info, including scheduling and the celebrity guest list. Also, follow Motor City Comic Con on Facebook for more frequent updates.
Trish Stratus and me in Novi, MI-May 2018.

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