Thursday, May 23, 2019

Congrats to Shane Mercer, New Champ of The Resistance

The Resistance has a new champ in the form of "The Iron Demon" Shane Mercer. At Chapter VI, "Death Wish," Shane beat reigning champ John Skyler to claim the heavyweight title.
A few months ago, Shane went viral from a clip of him hoisting the bleachers and slamming them on to his opponent at a previous Resistance show. It was a tremendous show of strength, but for those who know Shane, it wasn't surprising.
A former tag-team champ with Hy Zaya, Shane's strength is legendary. You can see his workouts on his social media accounts. The man is a powerhouse and although he is obviously in great shape, he isn't overly huge, which makes his feats of strength even more impressive.
Best of all, Shane is a good guy. He has worked very hard at improving his wrestling. He performed well with Hy Zaya in their tag team run. He's great with the fans and in the locker room. I predict a long run with the title for Shane.
One thing that could derail his title run is the WWE. Shane has had matches in the WWE of late and he seems destined to eventually join the roster. This is one reason why everyone needs to see Shane now at The Resistance before he gets the national call.
Shane's victory was a smash-mouth, hard-fought battle with Skyler. In the end, Shane got the win and then extended his hand to the former champ. Skyler initially snubbed Shane, but ultimately accepted the offering and pulled Shane into a congratulatory (and respect-showing) hug. It was a classy and classic moment from two proud wrestlers and the fans loved it.
Shane's victory capped off a great night at The Resistance. There were seven excellent matches and I had the privilege of calling four of them on commentary. The night far surpassed my expectations and I look forward to the next chapter of The Resistance.

Shane Mercer and me in Summit, IL-May 2019.

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