Monday, May 6, 2019

Friend Encounters: PL Myers and Chazz Moretti

Friend Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have et celebrities.

Take your pick for friend or celebrity for PL Myers and Chazz Moretti. Actually, this is one of those cases where they are both.
PL and Chazz are two of the best managers on the independent wrestling scene. While their characters are different, they possess similar qualities. Both have charisma, command attention, have great mic skills and basically have all of the necessary components of a great manager. They both can even get in a match on occasion. They also both have a tremendous respect for the business and their craft.
As friends, they also share similar qualities. Both men are funny, humble, supportive and loyal.
I have learned a lot by watching them and have enjoyed every minute of it. I don't think they have ever worked against each other and that's a shame. I think they could do great work. I'm pretty sure they never even worked for the same company at the same time.
Young wrestlers or managers can learn a lot from these two. The big companies seem to underutilize the manager role, but it is still used effectively on the indy scene.
Both men are very active around the Chicago area. They might not be working together yet, but at lest they appeared together for the picture below.
PL Myers and Chazz Moretti in Rosemont, IL-September 2019.

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