Thursday, May 16, 2019

Happy Birthday Laura!

Today, I celebrate the birthday of my first niece. Laura turns 32 today!
It's always cliche to mention how time flies, but it is also so true. How can little Pooky be 32?
It's been a fun 32 years being around her. She has grown into a talented, smart, funny, opinionated young woman.
I will always regret not being around my family for some years due to my own issues, but I will always cherish the extra cool moments we have shared since. I always bring up two east coast trips with Laura. While being squeezed by all of her belongings was not a comfy ride, as her mother and I brought her to and from New York, we had a lot of great laughs on those trips.
Last year, on a miserable rainy day, Laura not only dragged her best friend Karen out with her to cheer for me during the Chicago Marathon, she also made sure they both wore Johngy shirts. I can honestly say, knowing she was waiting for me around mile 20 really made a difference.
I had to make it to see her there, despite my aching body. Laura and Karen were the last of my supporters I would see an I wasn't going to stop until I saw them.
I saw their big smiles from a long way away. They immediately lifted my spirits and chased away the pain for a bit.
That was just one of so many thoughtful things Laura does for me and everyone around her. Cookies, texts, cards and more are just part of the love she shows all.
Happy birthday, Laura. I hope your day is as special as you are! I love you.
Karen, Laura and me in Chicago, IL-October 2018.


Nancy said...

Happy birthday Laura. She is everything you said and I am so proud of her and love her so much.

Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Laura .... enjoy your day! Nice tribute to an amazing young lady ... good job Johngy!

Unknown said...

Thank you Uncle Crash!! Love you! We have to our 5k this year!