Wednesday, May 8, 2019

"Hulk Hogan" at Motor City Comic Con 2018

The Motor City Comic Con runs May 18 through May 20 in Novi, MI. As always, I will be "On the Beat" there, meeting celebrities and participating in all of the other fun to be had. Until then, I will be recalling some of my favorite times at MCCC over the years.
Last year, although he was not announced as a guest, I was shocked to see wrestling legend Hulk Hogan among the attendees. Hulk looked great, although he was shorter and not as muscular as I remember.
Seriously, this "Hulk" was just one of many cosplayers at MCCC. Many years ago when I first attended MCCC, there were some people in costumes, but nowhere near as many as there are ow. Cosplaying has become a major part of MCCC.
Cosplayers can go for elaborate costumes or simple ones. They can be parts of groups, in contests or just dressing for fun.
A few years ago, The Joker and Harley Quinn were the most popular costume choices. Fortunately, lately people have been more creative and unique in their cosplaying.
Every year, I always look for an Aquaman. In the early years, I always found one guy dressed as Aquaman. I heard his name was Scott. Now with the release of the Aquaman movie, I expect to see several attendees donning Aquaman garb. I only hope some are brave enough to go old school.
I would think wrestlers would be more popular in cosplaying. The colorful characters and outfits lend themselves perfectly. In Chicago, Too Sweet Cosplay has upped the game for wrestling cosplayers. We'll see what happens in Novi.
At least last year I saw Hulk. He even went for the older classic Hulk look, instead of the newer, edgier NWO type Hulk. Kudos on that.
Go to for more info on MCCC, including the celebrity guest list and schedule. You can also follow Motor City Comic Con on Facebook for more frequent updates and info.
"Hulk Hogan" and me in Novi, MI-May 2018.

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