Saturday, June 8, 2019

Death Wish With Gabe Baron and The Resistance

A couple weeks ago, The Resistance held Chapter VI Death Wish in Summit, IL.I had an up close seat as I called commentary with Gabe Baron for the first half of the show. You can watch the full show at The Resistance Chapter VI Death Wish on YouTube.
The Resistance has had six shows now and things seem to be settling into a nice groove. I'd say Death Wish was their best show yet.
I admit I was not very excited when co-owners Gabe and Jacques Baron announced The Resistance was going all hardcore. That style of wrestling isn't my favorite. With no offense to the competitors, I don't care to see ridiculous spots and unnecessary blood. Now, a few shows into the new hardcore approach, I am very pleasantly surprised with the product delivered. 
While the shows are labeled hardcore, it's that very definition which I need to rethink. During the commentary, Gabe explains it perfectly. Hardcore isn't just light bulbs and chair shots. It doesn't always involve blood.
Hardcore is a frame of mind. Hardcore is an attitude. Hardcore is Mad Man Pondo beating and stapling things to his opponents. Hardcore is also Resistance champ Shane Mercer giving hi all every time he goes out there. Hardcore is the Man Muffin Kody Rice having the agility to wrestle like a man half his size.
Only one of the seven matches involved lots of blood flow and foreign objects, yet the whole night was hardcore.
On commentary I have noted the split and flip-flopping of the fans. They are on their feet for most of the night, with a pretty even divide in their cheers. Many often also switch sides as the match progresses. This shows they appreciate the efforts of the wrestlers.
There are no major storylines yet, but the crowd is very into the action, because of the action. Ther is a little history between Mercer and former champ John Skyler, only because we saw Mercer's rise as a tag team champ. Their title match had everything you'd want in a match.
While I was apprehensive about the new direction, I am starting to change my mind. The Resistance isn't a blod-filled spotfest. It is smashmouth, excellent wrestling. It is hardcore!
Gabe Baron and me in Summit, IL-May 2019.

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