Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Jackson Bostwick at PopCon Milwaukee 2017

Shazam! was one of my favorite Saturday morning television shows when I was a kid. Focusing on Captain Marvel, it ran for 28 episodes over three seasons.
Michael Gray starred as Billy Batson and Jackson Bostwick was his superhero alter ego Captain Marvel. Les Tremayne played Billy's (unnamed) mentor, who drove him around in a Winnebago, helping people along the way.
For debatable reasons, Bostwick's run with the series ended two episodes into the second season. He cites an injury, while the studo claimed he was holding out for more money. The courts eventually ruled with Bostwick.
I had the pleasure of meeting Bostwick at the PopCon Milwaukee 2017. Unlike a lot of actors, Bostwick embraced his iconic role. His run on Shazam! might have ended badly and prematurely, but he has fond memories and has gained a lot of fans because of the series.
He stated that he looked at playing Captain Marvel, like Clayton Moore viewed his role as the Lone Ranger. Both wanted the kids to be able to look up to the character. Both paid particular attention to details, knowing how critical and observant kids are. I'd say he accomplished his goal.
I haven't seen Bostwick do many conventions since PopCon Milwaukee. I was glad to catch him there, which is why I always say never to pass up such an opportunity.
You can get more info on Bostwick at JacksonBostwick.com. You can also go to PopConMilwaukee.com for more info on this event. They have not announced a date for their 2019 show, but check the site for breaking news.
Jackson Bostwick and me in Milwaukee, WI-November 2017.

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