Thursday, July 4, 2019

Papa Shango at Days of the Dead Indianapolis 2017

Days of the Dead takes over Indianapolis tomorrow through Sunday. As I head to what promises to be another great weekend, I look back at some of the fun moments from previous years.
Jayson Maples is the man behind Heroes and Legends of Wrestling Fan Fest, a great wrestling event held several times a year in Indiana. Jayson has become one of the staples at DotD, bringing in a series of awesome wrestling legends.
At the Days event in Indy 2017, he brought in Charles Wright. Perhaps Wright is better known by one of in-ring names, including Papa Shango, Kama, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather and The Goodfather. I met Wright at a previous event, when he was in his Godfather gear. He "choked" me there and also made reference to me looking like Jay Leno, thus joining my Jay Leno Club.
At Days Indy 2017, it was a rare opportunity to meet Wright as his Papa Shango character. I could not pass up that chance. Yes, he also made the Jay Leno reference there, too.
During his WWE career, Wright won the Intercontinental title and the tag tiles (with Bull Buchanan)  He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.
Wright is a great example of hard work and perseverance. He mad several characters work to varying degrees of success, but each had their moments. Wright seemed to be the ultimate team player in a universe which is often self-centered. More importantly, he always seemed to be having fun, just like he did at Days.
At Days Indy 2019, wrestling guests scheduled include Kurt Angle and Sgt. Slaughter. I am sure Jayson will be there, as will a few indy wrestlers from the area.
Go to for more info and scheduling. Also check out HeroesandLegendsWrestling for info on those fun events. 
Papa Shango and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2017.

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