Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Resistance Presents Blood Feast

Last year, The Resistance and Girl Fight presented Death Becomes Her, an 8 women death tournament. It was such a huge success, it was quickly announced there would be another tourney.
This year, we got double the fun as there was a Death Becomes Her 2, but Blood Feast, an 8 man death tournament was added on the same weekend. That's a lot of carnage for one weekend.
Making it even more exciting was Blood Feast being the first iPPV for The Resistance. Available on FITE, Blood Feast is was streamed live and is available to be viewed.
Making it even more exciting for me was me doing commentary along with The Resistance co-owner Gabe Baron. That's right. I would be broadcasting a legit iPPV event.
I took my assignment seriously and compiled some info on all eight male participants. I knew a few from their time at The Resistance, but I wanted to be fully prepared and to do a solid job.This might be my only such opportunity and I wanted to give it my best shot.
I wanted to broadcast one match for a while. I wanted the experience and I thought it would make for a good story. The timing wasn't right at first, but the chance came up when Tommy Else and I provided commentary for the last RPro event and then the first event from The Resistance. Gabe then joined the broadcasting team, sharing the mic with me for the first half of shows and with Tommy for the second parts.
Each time on mic is a learning experience. The roster for The Resistance features a lot of wrestlers and we have to learn about them on the fly sometimes. The crowd is always loud and sometimes so loud, I cannot even hear Gabe.
I never expected to be on commentary for the iPPV though. I figured that role would go to someone more famous or more experienced. Of course, when asked I jumped at the chance. I really appreciate Gabe and co-owner Jacques Baron trusting me with this role. While I would like to continue doing commentary, I would also understand if they went in another direction sometime.I'd walk away happy and grateful for the opportunities already given.
Check out LiveDieResist.org for more info and news. I encourage everyone to order Blood Feast. I will write more about Blood Feast in the future, but for now, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it on iPPV yet.
Gabe Baron and me in Summit, IL-July 2019.

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Paul M said...

I remember watching Masada take a scythe to Alexander James' forehead at a CZW show a couple years ago and thinking "Well, that is the sickest shit I'll ever see in a wrestling show". I'm sure he killed it out there.