Friday, August 30, 2019

Finding Mrs. Aquaman

Yesterday, I featured my encounter with a great version of Aquaman at Wizard World. Shortly after meeting him, I met his wife Mera.
Mera first appeared in an Aquaman comic in 2963. She was the Queen of the Sea, but eventually became Aquaman's wife. Originally more of a supporting character, writers developed and explored her powers, making er a superhero in her own right.
Fresh off of meeting the Aquaman cosplayer, I ran into this Mera cosplayer. She was very popular among convention attendees, posing for many photo requests. As I approached her, I explained my interest in Aquaman. Posing with a lovely cosplayer would be fun enough, but it was really cool because she was part of the Aquaman franchise.
As I wrote yesterday, prior to the Aquaman movie, finding one good Aquaman at Wizard World was a rare sight. The popularity of the movie has encouraged more cosplayers to pay homage to my favorite superhero and his universe. It is great to see and I hpe the trend continues.
Wizard World starts today in Tulsa, OK and there are still several more Wizard World events around the country through the end of the year. Go to for all of the info.
Mara and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2019.

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