Wednesday, August 14, 2019

On the Beat With Megan Wiggins of the USSSA Pride

I had the pleasure of interviewing Megan Wiggins (then of the Chicago Bandits) during my first season covering the Bandits. That interview can be found at On the Beat With Megan Wiggins.
Fast forward several seasons and hundreds of games and hits, Megan is now with the USSSA Pride and still going strong. This season, Megan reached the 400 hits and 400 games played milestones.
In addition to her success on the field, Megan is doing great things off the field. Megan runs everything under the Two Five Refined banner. She has a training facility, which has fitness classes, personal training, coaching and more.
She isn't just about softball and fitness though. Megan also does beautiful work with restoration, word-working, antique work and other similar creative projects. 
Earlier this season, I contacted Megan about interviewing her about the milestones and her antique work. She graciously agreed and we planned it for the last series when the Pride was in town. On game day, Megan approached me pre-game and asked if we could do it post-game. Of course, I would work completely around her availability, but that was a class gesture for her to even give me that courtesy. True to her word, despite working the long line of autograph seekers, Megan came over to me for the interview.
It was very interesting to talk to Megan about her "other" passion. Clearly, she loves softball, but it was cool hearing her discuss her antique work. You can see her excitement.
The interview is below, but it cal also be found as part of the In The Circle SB podcast from August 12 entitled USA Wins Pan Am, NPF Championship Preview, College Coaching News. This was my second contribution to Inside The Circle SB and I am sure there will be more coming. 
I appreciate the folks at In the Circle SB and I encourage everyone to check out @IntheCircleSB on twitter and In the Circle SB on Facebook.  Also, you can check out all of the In the Circle SB podcasts on New podcasts are posted every Monday and Thursday.
A very special thanks goes to Megan for her time and consideration. She has always been great to me and I really appreciate her for everything. Also, thanks for many years of great softball play.
You can learn more about her training facility at and at Two Five Refined on Facebook. Also, go to the Olive Branch Antiques and Home Decor Facebook page to see Megan's wonderful creations.

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