Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Kato Kaelin Appreciation

I am pretty sure most people know Kato Kaelin's story. I don't need or want to rehash history here. I want to present the Kato who I know. (The mere fact that I "know" Kato blows my mind a bit.)
I first encountered Kato at Wizard World Chicago 2017. As the official host of Wizard World, Kato entertained and welcomed people in the lobby area. I had no idea what to expect, but he impressed me that first night.
Kato was engaging and endearing. He joked with people, asked fun trivia questions and schmoozed young and old, as he worked the crowd. The next day I saw more of the same. All weekend, I saw Kato delight the crowd. I was impressed, but I figured this was a one time deal.
I have seen Kato a few times since then and he has kept up the same energy level. He works a room like few others I have ever seen. He is "on" all weekend and he works tirelessly, although seemingly effortlessly.
He has pulled me into some of his bits and I am sort of an unofficial sidekick of his. While I lack the charisma and aura of Kato, we work well together and I am good with occasionally joining him.
One true test of his impact is when friends join me at Wizard World. They all have some sort of preconceived (good or bad) view of Kato, but they all walk away very impressed with Kato 2019.
I think Wizard World caught lightning in a bottle with Kato. I think they got a lot more than anticipated. It speaks volumes on what he has brought to the convention that they keep asking him back. It also speaks to Wizard World's commitment to the overall experience. Kato doesn't really bring in more attendees, but he certainly entertains those people.
There are still several more Wizard World events this year, although Kato will not be at all of them. Check WizardWorld.com for all of the info and if you see Kato, give him my best.
Kato Kaelin and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2019.

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