Thursday, September 5, 2019

Mike S. Miller at C2E2 2017

Mike S. Miller is a Native Hawaiian American comic book illustrator and writer. Mike's work has appeared in publications of Marvel, DC Comics and many others.
Mike has some very realistic art and some comic strip type art. Some of his illustrations include homages to Calvin and Hobbes. As a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan, I really apprewciate those works, but all of his illustrations are awesome.
One of the interesting things about Mike's art is the differing styles. His Calvin and Hobbes homages are so different from his realistic renderings of superheros and others. If I didn't know, I would swear the works were done by different artists. That's an impressive feat.
Check out Mike's website, which also has a webshop. You can also go to the Mike S. Miller Illustrator Facebook page for more info and updates on this talented creator. 
Mike S. Miller and me in Chicago, IL-April 2017.

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