Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tony Schiavone at C2E2 2019

Before cable television, I only read about NWA wrestling. I read about all of the legendary wrestlers and the great history, but I never saw any shows, other than from video tapes.
Once I finally got cable, the first voice I heard oon NWA broadcasts on TBS was announcer Tony Schiavone.
He had started with the NWA in 1985. After a short stint in the WWF, Schiavone returned to TBS with the NWA/WCW, where he would remain until the WWE bought the WCW in 2001.
Schiavone has had his share of critics (like most announcers), but I enjoyed his work throughout the years. He adds the right amount of hype and excitement, without overdoing it.
Since leaving wrestling, he kept busy with minor league baseball and other broadcasting endeavors. He also has been involved with a couple wrestling-related podcasts.
Schiavone recently joined All Elite Wrestling for their tv debut. It was great hearing him back calling the action.
I am not yet sold on the AEW product. Maybe I am just a traditional WWE guy), but early indications are positive for the new company.
I had the pleasure of meeting Schiavone at C2E2 earlier this year. He was very friendly and willing to talk wrestling, baseball and anything else. He actually seemed very happy discussing baseball,probably because his Braves were doing well as always.
I don't think Schiavone gets enough credit when discussing great wrestling announcers. He has put in an excellent 15+ years calling action with several different partners. He was there for the lows and the highs at WCW. He called some of the greatest matches ever.
You can catch him on AEW every Wednesday night. You can also follow him at @TonySchiavone24 on twitter. Finally, check for news on C2E2 2020.
Tony Schiavone and me in Chicago, IL-March 2019.

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