Friday, December 13, 2019

Deena Fagiano: Pretty Face, Pretty Tough!

When you see Deena Fagiano, you see a beautiful young lady, highlighted by a wonderful smile and thick flowing hair, oh and lots of muscles.  Deena is much more than just a pretty face (and big muscles) though.
Deena is a former member of the Chicago Bliss of the Legends Football League.  She was a key member of 3 championships with the Bliss.
It would be easy to dismiss her ability and effort because she has the look necessary to succeed in the Legends Football League.  As an offensive lineman, she didn't play one of the "star" positions either.  Make no mistake though, Deena earned her place on the team and was a contributor to three LFL titles in four years.
I have seen her work hard in practice.  By the way, the practices are twice weekly and usually start in January.  Like the other ladies of the LFL, Deena is fully committed to this to the point that I don't even understand it.  Remember, they don't get paid, yet there they all are working so hard for months, just for 4 games and two playoff games.  Obviously, their titles prove their work pays off.
It would be easy for Deena to accept a lesser role on the team, but she continues to work and train hard to improve every time.  Actually, it might be even easier for Deena to quit the whole thing and look for work in modeling or television.  This just proves her passion for what she does.
Deena is kind of a microcosm of the entire league.  These ladies work so hard for no pay and very little recognition, but they love what they do.  I really wish the league was run differently.  I think it really could be a gold mine for everyone involved, including the ladies who make the league.
You might look at Deena and the others and think they are just eye candy, but you'd be wrong.  Check out any game or even any of my interviews with them (at On the Beat With the Chicago Bliss on YouTube).
Deena has moved on from the league and is enjoying life. I miss #5 though. It was a pleasure covering her.  She was always good for a fun interview.Deena did not play in 2017 and I don't know what her future holds.  I know she will succeed though.  
Deena Fagiano and me in Bridgeview, IL-July 2015.

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