Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Dave!

Today is my brother-in-law Dave's birthday. I am sure he is celebrating somewhere in northwest Indiana. I am celebrating him here today though.
Dave and Nancy recently moved to Indiana, which makes him a Hoosier. Despite losing the proximity, I have to admit it was a great move. They get a big house, lots of land, peace and far less taxes. Smart move!
I don't see Dave a lot, but I appreciate him nonetheless. He has helped me in far too many ways to list, including the wacky world of health insurance. Oh sure, I continually poke Dave for his stated preference of Dominos pizzza above all else, but it's all fun.
I appreciate Dave's help, but more important, I appreciate Dave. He's been another big brother that I never had. I might poke him to the point of irritation, but he pokes back pretty good, too. He's a great spirit and we have a lot of fun.
I hope he enjoys his birthday today. I'll be seeing him soon at Christmas, but for now, I wish him happy birthday via the internet.
Dave, Marley,  Nancy, Scott, me, Jean and Frank in Watervliet, MI-September 2019.


Nancy said...

Happy birthday Dave

DB said...


Jean Parker said...

Dave, hope you had a good day celebrating! See you soon!