Saturday, January 18, 2020

Beer City Bruiser at Blizzard Brawl 2019

I don't think I am exposing any big secret in writing Matt Winchester wrestles as the Beer City Bruiser. I think that is known in and out of wrestling kayfabe.
Billed from Milwaukee, WI, Winchester debuted in 2000. He has wrestled for several companies, including Ring of Honor, where he currently wrestles. He has also wrestled for Brew City Wrestling (naturally), the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and others. Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked Bruiser #318 of the top 500 wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2017.
A few years back, Winchester was the star of a commercial for Sears. Winchester was in the ring, throwing around another wrestler who was wearing "tough" Sears clothes. Along with wrestler Paloma Starr, I was selected to play a small part of a scientist evaluating the clothing. In the end, Winchester threw the other wrestler onto Paloma and me, knocking us down, of course.
Actually, Winchester tossed out a dummy at us, knocking us down. While it wasn't a real person, the dummy was still quite heavy and actually hit me pretty hard below the belt, but I took one for the team, as a true professional (at least for one day) would.
Unfortunately, the commercial is lost. It aired for a long time on YouTube and I did download it, but a virus wiped out some of my files. Nobody involved in the commercial has a copy, although we all would love to have it. If anyone out there happens to have it, please let me know. (It's a huge longshot, but just taking a chance.)
At Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Blizzard Brawl, I caught up with Winchester. He's doing great and still kicking butt in the ring.
You can follow him at @bcbwinchester on twitter. Also, go to for info on their roster and events.
Matt Winchester and me in Waukesha, WI-December 2019.

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