Thursday, January 2, 2020

Johngy (and Mike Knezevich) Through Dina's Lens

Last week, I wrote Through My Lens: A Decade of National Pro Fastpitch Photos, about Dina Kwit's book of photographs and interviews from her 10 years as the team photographer of the Chicago Bandits. I loved the book and not just because I am pictured on page 301.
I am thrilled as can be to be in Dina's book. As I have written, this book is a museum piece. It is a virtual encyclopedia of the Bandits and the NPF. It is the definitive look at the team, the sport and all around it.
The picture in question is of Bandits broadcaster Mike Knezevich and me in the dugout at the ballpark in Rosemont. I remember the exact moment Dina took the picture, but I never imagined it would end up in the book. I figured it was one of thousands of pictures Dina took. At best, I thought it would be seen on social media or
A couple weeks ago, Bandit Nation met Dina by the ballpark and we received the first copies of Through My Lens. Dina even said then that I was in the book. I figured she meant I was visible in the background of some shots. It wasn't until I got home and really dug into the book that I saw myself on page 301.
I am incredibly honored to be included. It is even better to be pictured with ace broadcaster Mike. He is such a huge part of the team and the league. 
My picture is one of thousands in Through My Lens. Most people will probably just see it as one of the sights of the ballpark. Maybe I am making too much out of it, but to me, It means I have been a part of this experience. Dina selected this photo because it meant something. It wasn't just filler or a favor. I am proud to have some place cemented in the history of the NPF.
I appreciate Dina for her hard work and dedication in publishing this book. It is a labor of love for her and a gift of love for all softball fans.
For more info on the book, including where to purchase it, go to Ifyou bring it to the ballpark next season, I'd be happy to sign page 301 for you!
Mike Knezevich and me in Rosemont, IL-Summer 2018. (Photo by Dina Kwit)

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