Saturday, February 1, 2020

John Kassir at Days of the Dead 2018

John Kassir is one of the coolest celebrities I have met at Days of the Dead. Probably best known for his role as The Crypt Keeper on Tales From the Crypt, John was a very popular guest. He was also very patient and accommodating.
As the man of the famous voice, hundreds of people asked him to do the voice. Several asked him to  leave voice messages in the voice. Not wanting to disappoint his fans, John tirelessly brought out the voice. He even was kind enough to do a promo video for the Beat, which can be found at John Kassir Loves Johngy's Beat.
I talked to John about his legendary role. While it has brought him great fame, it must be frustrating that despite a lengthy resume, the vast majority of fans will always ask about the Crypt Keeper. John handles it well though. He appreciates the fans for whatever they like. He's happy to have such a memorable character and also to have plenty of other roles. He simply seems like a happy man.
Days of the Dead runs several shows all over the country throughout the year. The next event is February 7-9 in Atlanta, GA. For more info, check out
John Kassir and me in Schaumburg, IL-November 2018.

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