Thursday, March 12, 2020

On the Beat With Franco at C2E2 2020

My coverage of C2E2 2020 for has featured interviews with artist Ali Cantarella, author James Finn Garner, parodist Paul Erickson and comics creator Art Baltazar. Today, Johngy's Beat Special Contributor (and IPW Chicagoland champ) Joey Roth interviews comic book writer and artist Franco Aureliani
Based in New York, he is more commonly known as Franco (like all of the other one-name celebrities). Franco is a partner in crime (or comics) with Art Baltazar, featured here yesterday. Franco won two Eisner Awards for writing the DC Comics series Tiny Titans. Franco and Art won their third Eisner in 2014 for the Dark Horse Comics children's series Itty Bitty Hellboy. Also, in 2014, Franco won a Harvey Award for Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers (Tiny Titans).
Art and Franco have a lot of chemistry together and it is easy to see why their collaboration produces a lot of entertainment. A comic con is not a great place to conduct an interview with both of them together, but someday, I hope to get them in one interview. If I add Joey in that mix, it will really be over the top awesomeness.
When he is not immersed in the world of comics, Franco is a teacher. I would love to attend one of his classes to see him in another environment. I imagine he is just as entertaining while being informative.
Check for more info on Franco and Art. Also, go to for updates on the convention. Lastly, follow Joey Roth on social media.
Thanks to Franco for his consideration and friendship. Thanks to Joey for his fantastic mic work. Thanks to C2E2 for the hospitality.


TwinCityKillaz said...

03.14.2020 4:15a.m. (cst)
Just watched. Skokie they said? Might have to check that store out on my travels from DuPage, CO. Can I use you or Joey as a reference for a 10% coupon? Ha! As always love the blog :)

Johngy said...

You can totally use my name. It will get you absolutely nothing, but go right ahead. LOL