Thursday, April 16, 2020

Squared Circle Expo Update

The Squared Circle Expo was scheduled for May 29-30, but had to be postponed, like every other big event. The SCE organizers have been very busy staying on top of the situation, exploring all options and keeping everyone posted on developments, the latest announcing new dates of August 21-22. My coverage continues at Squared Circle Expo 2020 Update on the Patch and here, of course.
Along with the new dates, the SCE organizers released info regarding ticket and hotel statuses. Basically, all will transfer over, unless you contact them to change things. Many of the scheduled wrestling guests will still be at the SCE. The SCE organizers are waiting to hear from the rest of the scheduled guests, as well as reaching out to others who originally couldn't make the May date. In any case, the SCE 2020 will be full of wrestling greats.
While, of course I am excited about meeting so many wrestling legends, I am probably just as excited about seeing old friends again. There is nothing like being cooped up in a condo for 2 months to really make one appreciate human contact.
One of the friends I will see is Jayson Maples, an Indiana-based wrestling promoter who has become a friend through our meetings at various conventions over the years. Jayson is the man Heroes and Legends Pro Wrestling fanfests and wrestling shows. While mostly held in Indiana, Jayson ran a show in Chicago last year and the success seemed to indicate more would follow. Jayson has been in the wrestling business for many years as a performer and a promoter. Aside from bringing great wrestlers to many conventions, Jayson is a great guy.
The picture below isn't a great representation of Jayson. Oh sure, he still has the big smile, but everything else about him is much smaller thanks to his tremendous transformation. He has lost a lot of weight and looks and feels better than ever. I cannot wait to congratulate him in person on his effort and achievement.
Go to for more info on Jayson't events. Check for all of the info on this great event. Also follow Squared Circle Expo on Facebook for more frequent updates.

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